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Huston Vineyards Snake River Valley Series

There are outstanding grape harvests that beg to stand alone, or at least dominate. We honor these fine Snake River Valley (SRV) fruits in this series. A true reflection of the terroir from Snake River Valley with 100% of all grapes in each bottle being specially harvested from the AVA, our Brand promise on all Huston labeled wines. The varietal dominates in each of these offerings, and expresses the uniqueness of our special growing area. Explore the specs for each of these exceptional wines with the tasting notes provided for each. You will notice that recognition has regularly followed each release—from Sunset Magazine to Wine Enthusiast. Like our Reserve series, these award-winning wines are crafted in small lots, yet are more widely available. Look for the distinctive orange “H” at area restaurants and wine shops. Or, take a trip to our Tasting Barn, where you will find all of our available wines, as well as here online.

Huston Vineyards Private Reserve & Estate

Grapes of distinction are selected for our Private Reserve series. With our Private Reserve Red, this includes turning to the carefully timed harvest from our own estate vineyard. Additionally, we look to our partnerships with valley growers, who offer a range of microclimates, soil variation, and slopes, along with harvest timing—and the distinguishing fruit that results. Our Reserve line is crafted in small lots, and available first to our Reserve Club members. Industry awards have gravitated year to year to our Reserves, as from the beginning we have sought to produce award-winning wine that is like no other. The bottle’s big red “H” is the mark of something very special-reserved for delicious food pairings and momentous occasions.

Chicken DinnerTM Wines

“Table wine” sounds pretty humble, but both our Chicken Dinner Red and White have proven to be delicious fare that has warranted accolades from notable sources, such as the Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition and Wine Enthusiast, among others. We sought to create a very special wine, without a top-end outlay. Growing and sourcing fruit from reliable vineyard sites throughout the Northwest, the blends have proven to be wildly popular. Our most widely-available series is found in the wine departments of grocery stores throughout the Northwest. If your local wine store does not carry the wine, have them reach out to us and we can connect the dots, or you can order online here in our wine shop. Look for the rooster, pointing you in the right direction to an award-winning wine concept that was initially cooked up in our farmhouse along Chicken Dinner Road. Our back label shares the historic tale of how the road got its curious and infamous name. This special wine extends the fame.

Huston Vineyards Merchandise

We call our merchandise “The Goods”. Go ahead, push that digital shopping cart around, and bring home the goods. Our clothing is top-notch quality. Our distinctive Chicken Dinner Wear begs the question, “Why did that chicken cross the road?” Perhaps to get one fine piece of clothing. And these make gifts that are sure to please.

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