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Our Vineyards & Winemaking


Our estate vineyards are well-tended, nourished by the abundant sunshine of the Snake River Valley. Our piece of earth has many factors in its favor: rich, volcanic soil; over 2,500 feet in elevation; a long growing season, with the diurnal shifts of warm days and cool nights; and an arid climate, with ample storage water for irrigation. This complex combination produces grapes with outstanding varietal character. All these nuances are reflected in our wine, as our objective is to produce premium wines that highlight the fruit. This is revealed in the aroma, texture, and flavor. “Terroir”, a French term, is described as the force of a regional character. With the long, fertile history of the Snake River Valley, and the success of world-class wines coming from our region, the future is as bright as our Southern Idaho sun.

Our piece of earth is insulated by the Snake River, with a backdrop of panoramic mountains and vistas. Long-existing fruit orchards, and numerous acres of specialty crops surround us. The valley’s first substantial vineyard plantings are about 50 years old, but the fertile growing history extends much further. A range of vineyards cross the valley, with variances in slope, microclimate, and soil. The first estate vineyard was made up of exclusively red varietal plantings, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Malbec. Additional varietal and other blocks will be planted over the next few years to incorporate the diversity of soil types and structure that is located within the AVA.

Each year there is a grand celebration of the harvest held at the winery and vineyard; a day of celebration that is not soon forgotten. A start to the morning with fresh brewed coffee, followed by a hay ride out to the vineyards, cut some grapes and compete against your closest friends, back onto the tractor and hay wagon for a much anticipated local Idaho food feast with your favorite Huston wine, afterwards. Experience an old-world crush—no shoes allowed! Full day in Idaho wine country… our way of life!


Along the Sunnyslope Wine Trail, meandering through the Snake River Valley AVA, are an array of vineyards all with different row orientations, soil structure, canopy systems, slope and slope orientation, each contributing in their own way to the unique terroir of the wines. We have diligently selected unique sites to add individuality and complexity to our wines for multiple reasons; we work very closely with each vineyard in insuring everything is grown and managed to our own criteria. At harvest our red varietals are all hand–harvested, insuring that each cluster has ripened evenly and fully and is disease free before making its way into the harvest bin. Our aromatic whites are machine harvested, allowing us to pick late into the night, insuring that the fruit arrives in the winery ready for press and at a cool temperature.